Good relationship with KJC

Dear customer, this is Andrew Yu, a salesman of Startek. Please allow me to talk about my story about my client KJC.

At the beginning of March 2018, KJC found our company through the official website. After learning about our development strategy and business strategy, they agreed to visit our company by E-mail soon, so as to sincerely cooperate with us.

On that day, Mr. Zhu and I went to Songgang Subway station to pick up Albert, the President of KJC, and another financial executive. After they came to our company, we gave detailed answers and examples on the business strategy that they had learned about our company before. KJC also introduced their company's history, current situation and trade scope. The whole meeting went smoothly.

In the first year after that, KJC team regularly sent us some inquiries, and the order rate was quite high, and several samples were purchased. The first year is basically a sample order, no mass production order.

In March 2019, a 3.5-inch tooling project was finally mass-produced after a year. So far, 7K of the 3.5-inch project has been shipped, and no feedback from KJC team on defective products has been received.

At the same time, a new 4.0-inch tooling project project was also under way, and the customer ordered 20 samples. The time of this case was tight. In order to meet the delivery date of the customer, I drove to pingshan District of Shenzhen on Friday, March 8th, personally to pick up the resistive touch screen at the warehouse of Helitai, who is our RTP raw material supplier, and then returned to our company to bond the RTP and LCD, and delivered it to the customer in the same day. A few months later, the project was a small batch of 500 tablets, and future use continues to increase.

Although KJC often comes to urge the delivery date in the early stage, our company can meet the negotiated delivery date discussed by both parties. Gradually, after two years of cooperation, KJC totally trusts our company about the delivery date. After confirming the specific delivery date by email, they will no longer urge us by email every day.

During national holiday of each side, both of KJC and Startek will send each other specialty small gifts to show concern to each other ~

In the past two years, the total order amount of KJC in our company has exceeded 500,000 RMB. We believe that in the near future, with the joint efforts of both sides, we can jointly mass produce more projects for mutual benefit and common development.

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