HY-LINE Family Concept Displays


HY-LINE presents its family of compatible TFT displays for industrial applications. The first members have a diagonal of 4.3 ", 5", 7 "and 10.1".

"The basis for the development of our family concept were the demands of our customers: Short-term availability - simple integration - technically leading."

Bertram Schilling, Business Development Manager Systems
 Clemens Mache, Business Development Manager Touch     

What distinguishes the HY-LINE Family Concept from other available solutions?

  • High flexibility thanks to two display classes:

    •      Mid range / best price

    •      High end / best performance

  • Designed for demanding industrial customers

  • Uniform interface

  • 7 years availability

  • Available from stock


Mid Range / Best Price and High End / Best Performance.

This gives you the greatest possible flexibility. A later change of the components is possible without any problems due to the identical dimensions and the uniform interfaces: form-fit-function interchangeability.

  Mid Range / Best Price : offers TN technology with a large viewing angle and standard resolution.

  High End / Best Performance : consistently relies on IPS technology, higher resolutions and brightness.


This is what makes our TFT displays so practical

• High flexibility through uniform connector concept
• EMC-optimized LVDS interface (I-PEX connector)
• Simple integration through 3.3V single supply for the TFT display
• Convenient dimming of the background lighting through PWM input


All items in the Family Concept are available from stock

  • short delivery time

  • Relaxed material planning

We guarantee you an availability of at least 7 years

  • This offers security in material procurement

  • Don't be afraid of being discontinued

A single 3.3V supply voltage for the TFT display

  • You save valuable time when creating the circuit

  • No worries about power sequencing

Consistent use of the same connectors

  • You can fall back on existing cables

Standard glasses in modern black panel design available

  • no one-off costs

  • Easy integration into your system possible

Use of EMC optimized I-PEX LVDS connectors

  • More security in EMC measurements

  • Reduces the risk of project delays

All displays can be dimmed in the range from 100% to 1% via a PWM signal

  • Adjustment of the background lighting to the prevailing ambient conditions

We can provide you with STEP data, data sheets and sample programs for our components

  • Easy and quick development of your products

Technical support from our FAEs for display integration and touch calibration

  • You will reach your goal faster

  • can concentrate on your core tasks

By Johny

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