Here's a real case.

Before Mr. Davis founded Startek, he was a salesman for XXX company. At that time, he had a good chat with an American customer, and they became good friends of mutual trust step by step. The American customer had a 2.8-inch display screen project, but at the very beginning, the project did not use screens in a large number, with an order of only 100 pieces per month. It is difficult to produce the 100 pieces. Sometimes it takes two hours to adjust the machine, but the production takes only five minutes. Moreover, the raw material supplier was reluctant to provide raw materials for the order of 100 pieces. Six months later, the company stopped production for the order. Despite repeated requests from Mr. Davis to proceed with the order, the company refused.

After that, the American customer turned to another supplier and reproduced this 2.8 inch display. Half a year later, this project was recognized by the market. The monthly consumption was as high as 200K, with the monthly turnover of 12 million. XXX company had a brush with this big project and later asked Davis to get back  the project form the customer, but Davis refused.

Since Davis founded Startek, he has regarded "No MOQ" as one of our company’s guidelines. We always equally treat customers with large or small orders . We never treat our customers because of our brand, for we firmly believe that small customers will become big ones one day!



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