Zhu Dejun, GM of Startek, was invited to attend the GTTIIP (2020) and made a speech

The forum was hosted by the World Trade Organization, the institute of International Trade and Economic Cooperation of the ministry of commerce, the intellectual property development research center of the state intellectual property administration, and supported by the district administration committee of Guangzhou Nansha pilot free trade zone in Guangzhou. Focusing on the theme of "platform economy and intellectual property protection", the forum brought many leading masters at home and abroad to discuss the relationship between intellectual property and platform economy from multiple perspectives at different levels. 


On the afternoon of January,14, in the thematic sub-forum on platform of intellectual property rights with the main topic of the economic value, Zhu De-jun, the General Manager of Startek made a speech of "The Economic value of small and medium-sized enterprises’ using intellectual property rights in e-commerce platform ". He also introduced the development of the company. With the capital of only 8000 yuan and a single employee, Zhu Dejun founded Startek in 2011. There was not any social background, financial support, nor a third-party investment at that time. The founding of Startek was a typical example of small and medium-sized enterprises. After 8 years of effort, there are 3 subsidiaries, 170 employees in Startek with the annual sales of 180 million yuan. In this process, Startek constantly keeps building its brand and publicity, product innovation and protecting intellectual property. With the help of e-commerce platform, the company has made great progress.


He referred to the fact that e-commerce has made the traditional business process electronic and digitalized. On the one hand, e-commerce flow has replaced material flow, which can greatly save manpower and material resources, hence the costs are reduced. On the other hand, it breaks through the limit of time and space, so that trading activities can be conducted at any time and any place and be more efficient.


All the roads lead to Rome. The small and medium sized enterprises could have their own path in their own development. They should invest more in creating new products and made variable products. They might meet difficulties at the first phrase of product sales, but they could have better price when the products are accepted in the market and keep long term and stable clients. A simple kind of creativity is to design new appearance to make the products new and unique. It wouldn’t cost much in this kind of change, but the clients could have new experience and joy in using the new products. The other creativity is to lower the cost with better craft and less wastage. The product could be redesigned with simpler inner structure and more benefits would be created. The last one is to improve the function of the products, for instance, to make the liquid crystal display screen brighter, to make the software easier to operate.


Product quality and brand building is the foundation of enterprise development; Product innovation is the source of enterprise development; Marketing and e-commerce is the express way in the development of enterprises. We should take this opportunity to tap the power of the Internet. With the protection from the intellect property rights, we could assure the prosperous development of our enterprise. We have the confidence to provide better and better service for our country.

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