An encounter with an English couple

At the 2018 Hong Kong Spring Electronics Show, Martin, a British couple who had been walking around the show looking for a suitable SUPPLIER of LCD screens, came to our booth.

They expressed great interest in the LCD display in our booth. Through conversation, we learned that they have several new projects currently in the process of selecting the LCD display. Seeing the variety of display screens on our booth, they attracted his attention.We gave them a detailed introduction of our company's products and business philosophy, and solved the technical problems he raised.The conversation lasted for more than an hour. When we left the booth, we sent him several samples for them to take back for testing. At the same time, they expressed their strong intention to visit the company.

One month after the exhibition, they came to visit our company as promised. We showed them around our office and workshop, and they were full of praise for our performance.This visit strengthened his confidence in our cooperation.

In the first year, there were almost all sample orders. In the second year, the first project was a 2.8 inch mass production, and a new 5 inch project was introduced.This year, due to the impact of the epidemic, sales have also been greatly affected, but he told us that there would still be new orders this year, please rest assured.

The sun always comes after the storm, and the sky above the clouds.Let us hand in hand through the difficulties, to meet a better tomorrow.

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