R&D - An indispensable part


Optimax is a High-tech company, which is professional on focusing eye care products, located on Bulgaria.

Over 5 years cooperation friendship, began with a story when I was a fresher to deal with the first order from Optimax.

Peter Kim is General Enginner of Optimax, he sent an inquiry to me through Alibaba and told me he need a product that could directly connect to PC. However, he is not that good at TFT LCD field.

Causing we are making R&D on HDMI board by ourself, Then I placed this plan to Kim after comfirming again and again insure anything is suitable for his project.

But no matter how perfect it is, it still encountered a tech-problem that the interface of our HDMI is standard one, but Kim's was micro one. 

Then how to make it beeing a deal?It will be a 50K volume order annually!!

Who will not be attrated?

It is not only about responsibility of us, but also much more on huge profits for company.

Kim said everthing goes excellent but the interface, Then, how to solve it?

The claimed R&D slogan don't allow us been stopped.

Enginner Lu urgent to ask our supplier to privide more PCB boards and components to us ASAP that he is able to revise the Standard interface to Micro one.

That night, only one light of office room was on and was lighting his desk.

Magically, Lu told me the problem was going to be sloved, but we still need Kim's project for the last step testing.

But it was really waste of time that he sent to us and we deliver to him.

Application of a flight to Bulgaria was submitted to my boss, I told boss we were confident to take the order.

After 8hours flight, we stood on ground of Bulgraia. Kim want us to have a rest. 

But Lu rejected and we proceeded the testing immediately.

Ultimately, we back to China with first order from Optimax.

Enginner really a essential part.

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