Transflective TFT-LCD


1. The transflective TFT screen provides excellent reading performance in the sun also excellent reading performance in backlight when there is weak light or no light than transimissive screen.

2.The Characteristic of transflective TFT:Backlight brightness automatically adapts to outdoor environment.The reflective film reflects as much backlight as the outdoor sunlight. The stronger the ambient light is, the stronger the reflected backlight will be. You don’t have to use additional backlight lighting equipment in the outdoor environment, so it can save much more power than the transmissive screen, and the reading effect is much better.


A:Aircraft display instrumentsdisplays on passenger aircraft, fighter aircraft and helicopters

B:Displays on cars: on-board computers, GPS, smart meters, TV screens

C:High-end phones

D:Outdoor instrumentsHand-held GPS,Three-proof mobile phones

E: Portable computer:Three-proof computers, UMPC, High-end MID, High-end tablet computers, Hand-held computers

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