Blanview TFT-LCD


Blanview:the LCD panel improves the aperture ration by reducing the wiring width on the projective LCD panel. At the same time, in order to make the spectral characteristic of the color filter tend to be white, efforts have been made in the optical design; as a result, the transmittance has been increased to 1.3 times and the discoloration is reduced as well. What’s more, amorphous silicon (a-si) TFT and TN liquid crystal are used. With the improvement of transmittance, the external light can firstly shoot in through the opening of the panel and reach the backlighting part in outdoor use, and then it is reflected efficiently by the light guide plate and reflection plate, thus achieving excellent visibility without lighting the backlighting lamp. For indoor use, the backlight with 200cd/m2 surface brightness can be obtained on a 3.5-inch panel, and the power consumption is only 200mW, which is about the average of the previous panel.

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